Christine Auzinger @ Villa Koepf

CI for Christine Auzinger, 2017

speaker coach stylist

here you see the business card, front and back

logo design and corporate design, 2017

electronic music for grown ups

logo design for »concept gulaschkanone«, 2014

cirque du nuit meets Mars Attacks

illustration, poster, flyer & banner, 2014

»Holzwerkstatt Kopp« (wood workshop Kopp)

here you see the business card, front and back

logo design and corporate design, 2014

»60er Feschdival« (sixties festival)

poster, flyer & banner, 2014

»der goldene Drache« von Roland Schimmelpfennig

»the golden dragon«, Theatre Aalen, performance of the group »Club 48+«

postcard, 2014

»live fast - die young« by N. D. Calis / F. Wedekind

illustration, poster & flyer, 2014

teaparty by Auzinger hairdesign & barbershop

illustration, poster & flyer, 2014


re-opening: illustration, poster & postcard-flyer, 2013

corporate design, 2014

love me happy

poster & flyer, 2013

»60er Feschd« (sixties party)

poster, flyer & banner, 2013 and 2012

»Arche Ulmenweg« (»ark Ulmenweg« party)

poster, 18 x 50 cm, 2012

bad taste party

Din A 6 flyer, 2011

»60er Feschd« (sixties party)

Din A 3 poster, Din A 6 flyer, 2011


logo creation, corporate identity, label shaping, 2011

»Nacht der Klänge« (night of sounds)

event of the »Ästhetischen Zentrums der Universität Bielefeld«, poster & flyer, 2008

eb consulting

image brochure & various flyers, 2007

»the furniture people« fair, Schieder Möbel

exhibition walls, banner & pylons, 2005

»hungrig?« (starving?)

event week »hungrig?« organised by the hochschul_smd_bielefeld

logo creation, corporate identity, poster & flyer, 2005

logo design

logo design, specialist in oral surgery Dr. Dr. F. Bagambisa, 2005

Aesthetisches Zentrum der Universität Bielefeld

corporate design, 2004