ecclesia growing under the rhomboid protection-roof

acrylic, ballpoint pen on teak, 28 x 56 cm, 2017

this artwork is full of symbols. the explanation of some of them: »the white elefants have different sizes and hold on to each other«
white: holy, washed clean, without sin
different sizes & hold on to each other: among the deciples of Jesus there is no hierarchy 



I speak english, art and illustration!

lead pencil on paper, electronically colored, Din A 4, 2017

oiga (Listen!)

»¡Oiga! ¿Hay una pasión en su vida?«

(»Is there a passion in your life?«)

lead pencil (2B), acrylic marker on paper, Din A 3, 2017

without ice cream

»without ice cream there would be darkness and terror« quote by Don Kardong

illustration, Din A 4, 2016

book illustration

illustrations for the book »Die Schriftrolle der Liebe«, part I, 2016

old man and the sea

illustration & T-Shirt design for DJ »old man and the sea«, 2015

Mars Attacks

commissioned work, vector graphic for »concept gulaschkanone«, 2014


»Spritzenhausplatz Aalen«, »Aalener Spion« »Salvatorkirche« &

»Bahnhofsgebäude Aalen«

ballpoint pen on paper, 17,8 x 12,8 cm, 2014

monday morning motivation mixtape

illustration for Temmel Fundraising –, 2014

Lions of Temmel Fundraising

commissioned work, 2014 / 2013

vector graphics for »Temmel Fundraising« –

freehand painting on the Temmel Fundraising Kicker

»Schwäche darf sein. Vergessen auch.«

(you may be weak. as well forgetful.)

acrylic, ballpoint pen & emulsion paint on book cover, 17 x 23 cm, 2013

»die Gefängnistüren sind geöffnet«

(the prison doors are open)

commissioned work, 2013

acrylic, ballpoint pen, edding, high gloss lacquer & collage on canvas, 24 x 30 cm

»eins sein« (be one)

illustrative adaptation of a photo – photographer unknown; notes are welcome

lead pencil & coloured pencil on paper, 44 x 35 cm, 2013


commissioned work, 2013

lead pencil & coloured pencil on paper, 34 x 24 cm

Shark finning is the topic of this series. Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins. The rest of the body is generally discarded in the ocean. Sharks without their fins are often still alive; unable to move normally, they die of suffocation or are eaten by other predators.





commissioned work, 2012


commissioned work, 2012

book illustration

illustrations for the book »Das Geheimnis des Bundes«, 2012

»du wirst nicht hungern« (you will not go hungry)

lead pencil & coloured pencil on paper, 50 x 39 cm, 2011

I found myself in a situation where I had to manage my budget wisely: there was not much money left. Self-doubt, the fear of the future, and especially of (financial) provision were increasing. I had experienced God's deepest encouragement concerning my way as an artist. But I did not trust his promises and instead I drowned in the sea of my fears and worries. I tried to hide these problems from others, but inside of me the tension, the pressure and the inner conflicts would constantly grow. 

One Monday I had a telephone date with my spiritual family that happens to live in different parts of Germany – this is how we can stay in touch on a regular basis. We intended to read a book together. However, at this meeting, we were not six people but only two. The text led us into a deep prayer-intercommunion. We found ourselves engaged in a naturally flowing reading-praying session, which progress would surprise us more and more. My spiritual sister Claudia and I experienced this time as an exhilarant and fulfilling time – sitting directly on daddy's lap. 

This was when I poured out my heart and my anxieties concerning my provision in front of God and my spiritual sister Claudia. While I was praying and pouring out my heart, I could feel how relief would grow inside of me.

At the same time Claudia received a vision: she saw a little child alone on an island. The island communicated recovery and relaxation instead of loneliness or even isolation. I sat joyfully at the sea / beach. A jolly little Sylvi. Easiness dominated the scene. I dipped my big toe into the clear blue water and bathed my feet in it. Over and over Claudia received the line »you will not go hungry«.

She had the impression that the island stood for the intimate community with our godly father – only him and me. The water surrounding us was the Holy Spirit. The image visualizes what it means to be on the way with God: living in lightness; truly receiving and enjoying what he is giving.




book illustration

illustrations for the book »Feuerprobe«, 2011

a child's lightness

illustration of a text passage: »... just like a child painting letters«, 2011

»Kinder-Uni« logo design

logo design for the Children's University of the University of Bielefeld, 2004