becoming aware (gewahr werden)

mixed media; acrylic paint, car paint and marker on canvas, 30 x 60 cm, 2016

Lost wealth. Lost treasures. Wake up. »Becoming aware« of what God has done for me, his kingdom, the Holy Spirit, his salvation, he in us and we in him.

Tree of life. Green coloring – fullness of life. Flowers sprouting directly on the trunk - close connection. Growth. Live. Filled by Him. A tree with solid roots, fixed in the foundation.

Hebrews 3,13 »... keep each other on your toes so sin doesn’t slow down your reflexes.« 
We still see through a veil and need the revelation of The Holy Spirit to show us the treasures that are laid: Revelation 3,18 »... And buy medicine for your eyes from me so you can see, really see.«

Stylized plum blossoms:
Plum trees are until advanced age very fruitful trees. 
They are cultivated almost exclusively for their fruits.
Spiritual meaning: The plum blossoms stand for spring, youth and purity.






God's Spirit broods (der Geist Gottes brütet) II, Genesis (Entstehung)

Dipytychon, emulsion paint & varnish on panel, 100 x 100 cm, 2014

God's Spirit broods (der Geist Gottes brütet)

emulsion paint & varnish on panel, 50 x 50 cm, 2014

The Triune God loves to create something out of nothingness - something wonderful, where absolutely nothing existed before. How God's Spirit brooded over the creation is described in Genesis. In the same affectionate-creative manner he broods over us. Over each one of us. He loves it, when we embrace what he incubates in our life - something only a God can produce not a human. Sometimes he uses uncomfortable / unwanted circumstances for that.

In my eyes, learning to dance on the circumstances is an attractive goal in life. Again and again I experience that this dancing on circumstances can be only lived in discipleship to Jesus - a God, who committed himself to take absolutely care of me. Without knowing this about and experiencing this with Jesus, I would miss the necessary sovereignty and confidence, which are so urgently needed in difficult life stages.

The artwork »God's spirit broods« sprouted before many things started to break down and burden me. Uncomfortable living conditions arised. When the artwork was finished, I had no idea how important it's message would soon become for me. Meanwhile the difficulties arrived. I am living in circumstances I would have never chosen on my own. Heart's desires are shattered and can't be lived anymore. I am glad to know HIM and walk with HIM, the living God. He helps me through.




you better deal with your issues

emulsion paint on panel, 40 x 80 cm, 2013

»du bluff«

acrylic & emulsion paint on panel, 90 x 120 cm, 2013

interpretation pulses relating to the Word of God:

the colors of the German flag dominate. Symbolism: the prophetic level opened up in the bible is primarily not a personally but a nationalistic-collectively one. This artwork acting on this plane addresses the collective Germany.

»du bluff« (bluff) – a french title for a picture turning to the Germans as an ethnic group symbolizes the lack of healthy country affiliation / ethnicity. »Education« / »intellect« / »eloquence« / »verbal expression by explicit use of te chnical terms & foreign words« seem to constitute the German identity. Germany lacks a national consciousness and a national feeling. Germany is bluffing. How long can this be sustained?

Black-color-symbolism. darkness, power of Mammon*, corruption.
(*Aramaic mamon (»riches, money«), a loanword from Mishnaic Hebrew meaning money, wealth, or possessions; although it may also have meant »that in which one trusts«. Mammon / personalized wealth / demon who seduces men to avarice and greed.)
Color running down: inability to  assert one's place / the scene cries: the wealth entrusted to Germany is not used in the manner for which God set it free – it should have been used, it should have been managed wisely and it should have been enjoyed.