the fullness of love is gone?

watercolor, acrylic marker & matches on paper

25 x 25 cm, 2017

You have a good job, but your girlfriend quarrels. Or: you have the best spouse in universe, but your child gets seriously ill. There are always some difficulties. The perfect life is not available.

Shouldn’t life be better? 

A world without illness, strife, loneliness,  … We had it! Someday God and man were close friends: they knew each other pretty good. They had fantastic times with each other until man mistrusted God (Genesis 2 & 3).

»The fullness of love is gone«

Since then the intimate connection with God is broken. We can’t fix it. We can’t come close because we aren’t holy. So we can’t stand his holiness. Everyone is born into this dilemma: there is a longing for perfect love, but separated from God (the perfect love in person) everybody is separated from the fullness of love. 

The longing for paradise still remains.

And we are made for paradise. There is only one way back into the closeness to our creator. Find out about that in the Gospel of John, Chapter 3






emulsion paint, ball pen, lacquer and glue on cardboard

different sizes and motives, 2016

Engravings on glass and ceramics

These photos show the genesis of an illustration on pottery relying to the bible verse

Philippians 4,13: »I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.«



paper mache sculpture, 130 cm height, 2014


of a swallow cut out of a dried leave

215 x 615 mm, 2016


out of leaves of the friendship-tree »davidia involucrata var vilmoriniana«

serie: »habitat earth«, 2012


out of tree leaves, serie: »habitat earth«, 2011

baby belly Liam Noa

commissioned work, acrylic on gypsum and canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2011

baby bellies' design on request